Anisur Rahman, I Am Sheikh Mujib; An Epic Monologue

Published by Dracopis Press

In his epic monologue, Bengali-Swedish writer Anisur Rahman brings to life the voice and mind of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman during all hardships and struggle for an independent nation for the Bengali speaking people of the Indian Subcontinent. The political history of Bangladesh has manifested itself as the people’s proclamation of language as a cultural heritage, and as an epitome of resistance to colonial powers mapping out the postcolonial nations.

180,00 kr

78 pages ///  HARDCOVER ///  ISBN 978-91-87341-13-7
Translated from Bengali by Zaheer Ahmed and Anisur Rahman


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Bengali-Swedish writer Anisur Rahman’s authorship based in Bangladesh and Scandinavia. He is one of the board members of the Swedish Writers’ Union. His diverse literary works include prose, poetry, novels, short stories and books for children. His plays have been presented on the Swedish Radio Theatre, the Norwegian Radio Theatre, and at various universities and theatres in Africa, Asia and Europe. His works include POETRY, OR ELSE (Dracopis Press, 2013) and I AM SHEIKH MUJIB; AN EPIC MONOLOGUE (Dracopis Press, 2021).

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